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Human Design: How To Operate & Lead In Alignment With Your Natural Energy

April 14, 2021

The truth is, I have VERY inconsistent energy levels. Other days I struggle to even get through basic admin tasks, without feeling drained.

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The truth is, I have VERY inconsistent energy levels.

Some days, I’m FLYING.  I can (and will) work an 18 hour day and exceed even my own expectations.  I am buzzing, high on life, and I’ll make huge strides forwards in my business.

Other days I struggle to even get through basic admin tasks, without feeling drained.

On these days, I sit staring at my list wondering whether to start with “check Instagram” or “clear Inbox”, and even that feels like a difficult decision to make.

I used to think this was wrong, or that I was wrong.

I used to beat myself up for “not being motivated” or “falling behind” others who were still living the hustle on the days I was not.

I used to live in the world of ‘should’s’:

–          I SHOULD be journaling every morning – that will energise me

–          I SHOULD be taking 3 breaks a day to meditate

–          I SHOULD be doing detoxes / a food diary / intermittent fasting / etc.

And frankly, finding time and space to fit all of these ‘should’s’ into my life only set me back further!

Then, human design came into my life

So – human design is a system that combines principles from The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Chakra system & quantum physics, and I fell into it after hearing @theladyjacjlyn speaking about it on Clubhouse.

Put simply – it uses the date and time of your birth to create a ‘map’ to your own unique psychology, and how to live most in alignment with who you naturally are.

If you’ve never explored your Human Design Chart (or BodyGraph) – you can get a basic, free chart here (although, I’d recommend getting in touch with @theladyjaclyn for a one hour consult to explain what it means to you!).

Why?  Well for me – it’s given me comfort, alignment & a ‘way of working’ that’s allowed me to WAY more effective in my business.

I’m what’s known as The Manifestor…

The below shares some of my insights from and since this discovery – keep in mind though that everyone’s chart is uniquely their own, so take from this only what is relevant to your own 😊

1. Manifestors NATURALLY have an inconsistent energy

We are designed to work in sharp impactful bursts, and not to keep up with our “Generator” friends, who can deliver consistent output day after day. 

So now – I give myself permission to work when I ‘feel it’, and rest when I don’t.  I think of myself as a Pokemon Ball (yes, giving away my nerdy teenage years!) – recharging, before I can explode again.

One practice that has been really beneficial is that I’ve redefined what work/life balance means for me, and instead of time blocking by day, I time block by week.  Some days – I do ALL my creative work.  Others – I watch an entire Netflix season and clear emails.  I’ve learnt to break free from the “bums on seats” mentality, and not feel guilty when I’m taking time out to restore, even if my partner, team or my competitors are not. For me, this adjustment has been the key to avoiding periods of burnout.

2. Manifestors have an INITIATING energy

We are GREAT at starting things (cue shiny object syndrome), and are constantly seeking new and exciting outlets.

I see this – I’ve started MANY businesses, to varying degrees of success, but nearly all of them have ‘failed’.  I used to see this as a problem – a failure to follow through – but actually, they failed because I chose to stop working on them.  As a Manifestor, if something is not in natural alignment with your energy, you’re unlikely to continue with it, or succeed with it.

You’ll succeed when you find that alignment – which for me is Future Females.  I’m able to continue growing this company because I have made space to initiate WITHIN the structure of our Future Females purpose and community – to remain passionate & excited by innovating within rather than outside of this business.

3. Manifestors have a CLOSED and repelling aura

Typically we have a dominant energy that suppresses the energy of those around us, rather than being vulnerable to the energy of others.

For me (coupled with my deaf channel – an element of my Human Design chart), this plays out in a few ways – not being receptive to advice, unless it’s in alignment with me, and charging ahead without bringing my partners and sometimes even team along on the journey. 

The solution – is to INFORM and has become a skill I now practice, daily.  It’s important for me (and you – if you’re a Manifestor) to document my ideas, and socialise them with my team, BEFORE charging ahead, or risk resistance in future, or even confusion – NOT how I want my team to feel, or how to best serve them, or the Future Females community we collectively serve.                            

There is so much more to human design than just these above points – and I would SERIOUSLY encourage any entrepreneurs still reading this to discover their own.

I believe that entrepreneurship is much about building a business as it is about building yourself, which needs to start with deep self-awareness.

Ultimately, human design helps you live in alignment and has given me the vocabulary and mental ‘permission’ to operate in the way that is going to be most impactful, and ultimately most joyful, for myself and those around me.

So – here’s a basic, personalised, free human design chart to get you started!

Jump over onto my Instagram post and share your Design & an insight for you!

Then if you’d like to jump into a reading – I can’t recommend @theladyjaclyn more – this is not sponsored, she is just genuinely an incredible Human Design practitioner, and the person I trusted to work with through my own process 😊

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